• Cowardice •

I wish I could have the strength to fight. I mean, who would want to be a fugitive, anyway, right? Who would want to succumb their lives in this never-ending quest of passion then sorrow? Who would want to tie themselves up with strings and control themselves as well? Well, at least I know it’s not me. BUT WHY DOES IT WANT ME SO MUCH? Why does it want to gobble up my soul and let my eyes sweat these droplets of pure life and death? I NEVER WANTED THIS. But, I don’t have any choice but to submit and lay myself open to this quest that leads to nowhere but here. Nowhere but to this world where obscenity is conspicuously eyed. THIS IS ABSURD. Nothing stays with me. Nothing EVER does. Sometimes I wish people would just take it easy on me. Sometimes I wish I could have a good grasp of reality. These are just simple things. Yet these are the ones that are too impossible to see.. to feel.. to HOLD.



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