A Rare Chance

In everything we’re choosing, there are thousands of things we are refusing… that was the very first lesson I learned from a very special person.

Anyone who has ever talked with her would tell you that… She’s fearless. She’s tough. As her friend, I had a rare chance to get to know a side of her that I rarely see in other people. She is a wonderful person through and through. She’s kind. She’s patient. She may push you to the edge but it would always be worth it. She’s loving. She’s generous. And she will never give up on you. She would always be someone who’d care enough to encourage. Someone who will give others confidence. Someone who will point you toward the right direction. Someone who is selfless enough to share her passion, her knowledge, and her heart. And if the tables were turned and I were given the chance to tell her one thing my heart says… A one final lesson I want to share. That is, “You are worth more than all the thousand things that could be refused by someone like me.”
This person, who has recently won the coveted spot of the best person in the prestigious book of my life, her name, Bianca.
Meeting myself was a rare chance I would say…



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